The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Invitations

There are so many details that come into play when deciding on what type of invitation you would like for your wedding. Your wedding invitation is one of the most important things during your wedding planning because it is the first design that is presented to your guests and give them a preview of what to expect on your wedding day and set the tone for the wedding. Below is a complete guide for everything you need to know for designing and choosing your wedding invitations. 


Start out by planning the style of your invitations. Below are questions you should ask yourself:

1. What style are you going for? Minimal, elegant, sophisticated, fun, rustic, modern, art deco, cultural, etc, etc.

2. What color palette do you want to use? 

3. What designs and icons would you like on the invitation? Florals, couple monogram, flourishes, etc, etc. 


The next part is thinking about the type of materials you would like included. 

1. What type of paper would you like? Matte, shimmer, linen, texture, acrylic, lace, etc.

2. What type of printing are you interested in? Normal printing, letterpress, foil, embossed, engraved, etc. 

3. What types of other elements would you like to see in your invitation? Ribbon wraparound, paper wraparound, booklet fold, etc.


1. Do you have a preference in font?

2. Calligraphy or Script

3. Block font that is serif or sans serif?

4. All capitalized or regular upper case and lower case?


Think about the wording you want on the invitation and if you would like to include your parents' names. Also, think about any other information you would like to be included like dress attire, or if it is an adult only event. 

Insert Cards to Include

There are numerous cards that can be a part of the invitation suite including the invitation, details card, RSVP Card. Some cultural weddings also need extra cards for special ceremonies like a Hindu ceremony or Tea ceremony. Think about the cards you will need. 


Please be mindful of the RSVP date that you put. It should be around 2 to 4 weeks before your wedding depending on when you need to give the final head count to the caterer and/or venue and to give yourself more time to finalize the seating chart. 

Do not forget to add postage to the return envelope for the RSVP. On a budget? You can also change your RSVP card into a postcard to save on postage and envelopes. 

I highly recommend having a wedding website with all the information and the option for your guests to RSVP there as well for quicker turnaround and for any changes that may occur. This will be a great place to put all the information that you can't include on the invitation. 

Guest List

Make sure you have a working spreadsheet with all your guests' names as you would like them addressed on the envelopes as well as their addresses for mailing the invites. You can use this spreadsheet to record RSVPs, entree selections, and seating arrangements, too.

*here is a link to a spreadsheet you can use

**Here is a link to how you can address your invitations

(children... formal... adults only event...) 


Invitations that are standard 5"x7" size of 4"x6" and weigh one ounce or less require a regular standard postage amount at its current day value or a Forever Stamp. RSVP cards are typically in an A1 envelope (3.5"x5") and also require the regular first class letter postage or Forever stamp.

Want to save a little money on postage and materials? You can also make your RSVP card a postcard! This means you would not need to buy an envelope and postage is actually cheaper for postcards. You will also be able to conveniently print the return address onto the postcard rather than making labels or printing onto the envelope.  

Please note that a square envelope will require additional postage as it is not a standard size. When in doubt, it doesn't hurt to bring your invitation in to the Post Office and have them confirm the weight and postage amount. 

When to send

Invitations should go out six weeks to eight weeks before the wedding. Please allot more time if you do have guests that are coming from out of town and out of the country so that they have enough time to arrange accommodations and take time off from work. 

If you have a destination wedding or have a lot of people from out of town, please consider sending out a Save the Date six to eight months before the wedding.

 Why do you need me? 

There are so many details that go into a wedding invitation suite design from the graphics and wording, to the printing and materials. It may seem like something that you can save money on and DIY but please keep in mind that on more intricate suites, the assembly may take longer than you think.